Making a Grilled Cheese Sandwich

For our Summer 2017 teacher selection process, we give our future teachers some really tough questions. However, sometimes our questions can be fun and a bit wacky. We ask these questions to gain deeper insight into how a pre-service teacher would relate to and be comfortable with our students. One fun thing that we ask, to see how our future teachers "think on their feet," is how they would make a grilled cheese sandwich. This question is a favorite because it gives our teachers a chance to think and act quickly, yet purposefully, which is a valuable skill to have when teaching students. Most teachers enjoy this question and find some pretty creative ways to make sandwiches. We've heard everything from buttering two slices of bread and placing cheese in the middle while cooking it on a pan, to microwaving two slices of bread with cheese in the middle, to using multiple types of cheese, to using mayonnaise instead of butter to give the sandwich a special softness. We love our teachers and all of their responses. Keep up the good work teachers!!