Student Speaker: Nathalia R.

Hello, my name is Nathalia R.  I am in the 8th grade, and currently attend Martha Washington Middle School.  I decided to attend Breakthrough of Greater Philadelphia because I wanted a challenge. I wanted to spend summers learning and moving forward to achieve my academic goals.  At Breakthrough grades matter and education matters.

I gain more in-depth, advanced knowledge. So, when I go back to school I have already covered many new subjects. When I am in school, in class, I think about what I learned in Breakthrough, and the skills and values I learned to help me do my new work.  At Breakthrough, I learn how to manage my time correctly, to be consistent in everything I do, and to never give up no matter how hard, boring, or challenging the work may seem.

Breakthrough exceeds your expectations. They never give up on a child and will always stick by your side. They will push you to success no matter how badly you want to give up.  Also, you make new friends and see new teachers that never forget you. Then, the trips bring students together as a community and give a look into the real world.

Breakthrough helped me overcome my fear of trying new challenges. Instead of writing one paragraph, like I usually do, I started writing three paragraph essays at Breakthrough and may move to six-paragraph essays. I also try to explain my reasoning for what I write.

Breakthrough teachers show us tough love. They will push you until you succeed to the best of your ability. This is only because they love and care about you and want to see you strive for success.

Breakthrough classrooms are more interactive, full of life, and always productive, while school classrooms can be boring, long and dull.

Breakthrough is preparing me to achieve my goals because they give us limited time to complete our work. So that when we are in college, we can identify the important information quickly.  In Breakthrough, we write down our goals and how we can achieve them. In my financial literacy elective, we learn how we can save financially, which is preparing us for the real world.

For my future, I want to graduate with all of my degrees: Bachelor’s, Masters and Doctorate. I want to graduate from Central High School, go to a great college.

I learned all of this from Breakthrough, and feel more supported in my goals.