Success for Kaleis

Kaleis H. is an 8th-grade honor-roll student at Young Scholars Charter School in North Philadelphia. This fall, Kaleis and the rest of our Breakthrough students began the daunting process of applying to high schools within the Philadelphia School District. Applying to high schools is a high stakes process that can determine whether or not a Philadelphia student will attend a public school that will successfully prepare them for college. With that in mind, Kaleis and her mother invested their time to research all of the top schools in the city and attended several school tours and interviews. Their family also decided to apply to local independent schools, requiring additional letters of recommendation, school visits and testing. At the end of January, Kaleis and her mother were informed that Kaleis was accepted to a high-performing independent school, The Shipley School, on a full scholarship! These achievements are earned through the hard work of our students and the unending support and investment of our Breakthrough families and community. We at Breakthrough celebrate and rejoice in Kaleis' success, and we are continually encouraged by stories like these.