Swathi Balakrishnan



Swathi Balakrishnan

Hometown: Potomac Falls, VA  

High School:  Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology, 2015

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Undecided but leaning towards Biology or Economics

Favorite Book


The Great Gatsby

Why Breakthrough?


My interest in Breakthrough stems from my love of children and passion for teaching. From a young age, I have spent much time in India and have seen firsthand the hardships that many children endure; and I have felt the urge to give back and help others.   I am inspired by Breakthrough’s mission  of aiding underprivileged students to reach their full potential and supporting them to bridge crucial gaps that stand in their way of getting into college. I am so excited and feel so blessed to be working with such an incredible staff and students!  

2020 Vision

  In 2020, I will have just graduated from college. After graduating, I anticipate that I will be traveling internationally and working with non-profit organizations to improve quality of education and healthcare in rural and poverty-stricken areas.