Raniah J.

My name is Raniah Johnson and I am in the 8th grade in Philadelphia.  I decided to join Breakthrough because I felt like it was a great opportunity, and I will take and need any preparations for college and high school.  I have gained and learned a lot from Breakthrough – from learning how to communicate better with people to learning how to dissect a frog.

The thing I like best about Breakthrough is that the environment is always peaceful, smooth, and always kind.  Breakthrough has helped me overcome one of my biggest challenges and problems: To say I am proud of being educated.  I wasn’t really scared, more like ashamed.  Now a days it is not really usual to see kids educated, especially African American minors.  I used to try to fit in with a crowd I knew was going to bring me down.  Now I can stand up and be proud to say I am an educated young African American female that has a goal in life and wants to achieve.

Breakthrough teachers put in 110% every day of Breakthrough.  It is not a day of Breakthrough that the teachers only pay one student attention.  All of the teachers give each student individual help and make sure that everyone is on the right track.  Learning in Breakthrough is way different than in my school classrooms.  At school it is like 35 – 39 students in a class and only about 5 students are actually doing their work.  At Breakthrough it is about 15 – 17 students in a quiet classroom and everyone is doing work.


I think Breakthrough is preparing me to achieve my goals by setting a positive mindset and caring about my education.