Meet Salimata D.

My name is Salimata and I attend eighth grade.  I decided to join Breakthrough because to me it was a great learning experience and an opportunity to grow. Some of the things I learned were skills that will improve my skills for the road ahead.The things I enjoy most about Breakthrough are the classes and teachers.

Breakthrough has helped me overcome a challenge and that challenge is my fear to participate in classes.Thanks to Breakthrough I can now participate in any of my classes and love to do it. I love the the Breakthrough teachers because they see who you are as a person better than teachers at school. Learning in a Breakthrough classroom is different because the classes don't just teach you, but expand on your skill as an person so you can prepare for the future ahead.

My future ahead has many turns to it. I plan to attend Central High, go to an Ivy League college - Princeton or Harvard  - and I am thinking about a few careers.  Right now I want to be a physicist, an environmental scientist and possibly work in the field of political science. Breakthrough is helping me with my future by preparing me fwith skills that will stay with me for the rest of my life.