Meet Corey Reed

My name is Corey Reed, a native of Milwaukee, WI and a 7th and 8th grade Literature teacher at Hardy Williams High School for Mastery Charter Schools. Before I ever stepped foot in a classroom as an instructor, I started my teaching career as an anxious freshman at Morehouse College looking for an internship in education. Somehow, I stumbled into the Breakthrough Collaborative program.

I taught 7th grade literature at Norfolk Academy in Norfolk, Virginia. I found the experience both challenging and rewarding. Challenging in respect to creating an innovative, interactive, and fun curriculum for my new students. Rewarding beyond my wildest dreams. To this day, my students from the summer of 2011 text me about how my class helped them in later classes, call me about new boyfriends and girlfriends, stalk me on Instagram, and Facebook message me about how they wished the entire year was like Breakthrough. Breakthrough helped me realize that teaching is what I was meant to do.

Breakthrough is so much more than a great internship for teachers and an enrichment program for students. The students-teaching-students model is a unique opportunity for mentoring and high quality instruction to occur simultaneously. The small class sizes inspire community in a way most schools can’t. The objective of Breakthrough has always been to keep students ahead of the curve while emphasizing fun and camp-like interaction. That is what makes Breakthrough a life-changing experience.

I taught with Breakthrough twice in undergrad, which opened the door to the position I now have. I have volunteered and work for Breakthrough Norfolk, Atlanta, and now Philadelphia. This program is near and dear to my heart because it connects with kids in a special way. I returned to Norfolk to see both of my classes graduate from the program and I am excited to see some of my old seventh graders graduate from High School soon. One, in particular, that declared me his official “Big Brother” because of our mutual last name, has changed my life forever. Currently, I have about 106 students at Hardy High, but there is nothing like the 25 students I was able to truly grow tight relationships with at Breakthrough. Every summer, I have to do something “Breakthrough,” and I know that legacy will continue.