Meet Our Students



My Breakthrough experience began when my mother, a single parent of three, saw an opportunity. She pushed me and all of my siblings through the program and currently all three children are pursuing higher education with much success. 

A student spends a good 18 years, 216 months, 939 weeks, and 6,574 days of their childhood life in a school like setting and hates nearly every minute of it. I’ve spent about 3 years, 6 weeks per summer and school year program (fall and spring) and 42 days in a school like setting wrapped up in a supportive community and loved every second. Hello to everyone sitting before me today, my name is Kamryn and this fall I will be a freshman in high school. This is my Breakthrough experience.

My name is Salimata and I attend eighth grade.  I decided to join Breakthrough because to me it was a great learning experience and an opportunity to grow. Some of the things I learned were skills that will improve my skills for the road ahead.The things I enjoy most about Breakthrough are the classes and teachers.

Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. My name is Kadiatou and I am an eighth grader. I would like to start off by saying that Breakthrough is one of the most extraordinary things that has happened to me.

My name is Raniah Johnson and I am in the 8th grade in Philadelphia.  I decided to join Breakthrough because I felt like it was a great opportunity, and I will take and need any preparations for college and high school.  I have gained and learned a lot from Breakthrough – from learning how to communicate better with people to learning how to dissect a frog.

­When I am with Breakthrough, I feel like a very important part of Breakthrough’s community. My name is Ciani Batista and I am here to represent the phenomenal Breakthrough of Greater Philadelphia.

Instead of painting the picture of failure in Philadelphia’s community, I wanted to paint the picture of hope, like Malcom X once said “Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today.” The education that Breakthrough would provide would be my passport for my future.

I decided to join Breakthrough for a brighter future. To me, Breakthrough isn’t just an opportunity to study over the summer, its hope.

"The Breakthrough program is like a coach training you to run that marathon you have wanted to run your entire life and I am happy and proud to be a part of it."

"It has been almost ten years since I started Breakthrough and I still remember my teachers.  I may not remember their names, but I remember how much they inspired me.  They are the reason I want to be a Breakthrough teacher, to be like them and to hopefully one day be the kind of teacher that inspires a student."