Meet Our Students



"Breakthrough is a second family; don't be alarmed when out of nowhere you fall in love!"

Breakthrough taught us that we were capable of doing things that seemed out of our reach and capabilities.

Things changed for me after I started Breakthrough.  I had the opportunity to meet new people and the work became challenging. The teachers taught me things totally different from what I was learning in school.

Because of Breakthrough, I have more opportunities and more doors open then before. What Breakthrough has done is allowed me to use my mind in all sorts of new and positive ways.

Breakthrough helped me a lot academically, and it made me discipline myself to spend more time on the subjects I found difficult.

Breakthrough made me realize it's ok to be a nerd. Being surrounded by people who were excited about learning made me more comfortable with my enthusiasm for school.

We are so proud to announce that Breakthrough senior, Jasmine Jackson, is the recipient of a QuestBridge National College Match scholarship.Selected through a highly competitive process with nearly 13,000 applicants, Jasmine is among 440 outstanding students from across the country awarded a full four-year scholarship. She will be attending the University of Pennsylvania this fall.

College has been a goal of Bryanna Stokes for a very long time. As early as fifth grade she spent countless hours of her free time at the computer researching schools. She did more than that. She started writing to them.

“I would write telling them what I was looking for in a school.”

Bryanna’s mother, Shannon, cautioned her. “You’re young.  Don’t expect them to write back.”

Bryanna noted with a slight shake of her head and a soft smile, “Not a one did.”