A Day in the Life

There is never a dull moment in the day of a Breakthrough student -- or teacher!  Take a look at a student's typical day in the Breakthrough summer program.


8:00 am

Arrive at BT
Students begin every day with morning affirmation: "We are Breakthrough of Greater Philadelphia and we have HIGH EXPECTATIONS!  We commit ourselves to hard work, dedication, respect, fun and above all, excellence in learning.  We are Breakthrough of Greater Philadelphia!"

8:05 am

Head to SLC (Small Learning Communities)
Students eat breakfast while their mentors check their homework to ensure it is complete. 

8:30 am

Off to Literature
Student read Animal Farm, identify and discuss literary terms and compare and contrast characters from the book to individuals they see in their own community.

9:30 am

Time for Algebra
Students examine linear relations by counting how many jumping jacks the can do in one minute, extrapolating the data and graphing their findings.

10:30 am

Assemble for All School Meeting
Students, teachers and staff join together to recognize student achievements, learn a new "Word of the Day," engage in community-building activities, and spread the Breakthrough spirit!

11:30 am

Gear up for Physics
Students explore force and motion, and then gather in small groups to begin designing and building CO2 cars.

12:30 pm

Gather for lunch
Students eat lunch and then go outside to "Blow Off Some Steam" (aka BOSS time).  Outside activities may include football, jump rope, basketball, and other activities of choice.

1:15 pm

Back inside for Writing
Students practice defending their position by preparing and presenting original research regarding local issues related to gun violence.

2:15 pm

Move to Electives
Students participate in their selected electives, developed based on the special interests and skills of Breakthrough teachers.  These classes could include Drama, Photography, Inventions, Step, Spanish, Poetry, and Recycling.

3:15 pm

Ready for down time
Students attend study hall.  They reflect on the day, write in their journals, and begin their homework.

3:45 pm

Meet with Mentors
Students return to their SLC classrooms to review homework assignments with their mentors before heading home for the day.


Homework time!
Students complete two hours of homework each night, and are encouraged to call their teachers regarding any questions.