Who Are Breakthrough Teachers?

Breakthrough teachers are college and high school students from across the country.

Teachers join us from schools such as Brown University, Bryn Mawr College, Columbia University, Cornell University, Duke University, Emory College, Georgetown University, Harvard University, Penn State University, Princeton University, Saint Joseph’s University, Smith College, Swarthmore College, Tulane University, University of Pennsylvania, Washington University, and Wesleyan University.  


Breakthrough teachers are creative and confident.

At Breakthrough, teachers know how to make learning fun.  They hold high expectations for every student, while infusing energy and passion into everything they do.  From songs and skits, to outrageous costumes, our teachers aren't afraid to get silly!


Breakthrough teachers are intelligent and diverse.

From high school sophomores to college seniors, our teachers are high academic achievers and passionate about learning and teaching.  Approximately one-third of students represent ethnic minorities and one-third are male.  


Breakthrough teachers are education and non-education majors. 

You don't have to be an education major to teach at Breakthrough.  You do have to be a high-achieving student who can serve as a positive role model and mentor for Breakthrough students.  As a Breakthrough teacher, you'll have a unique opportunity to show our
students that learning is cool!

Breakthrough teachers are active learners.

Most Breakthrough teachers have never taught before, but all are committed to fostering learning inside and outside the classroom. Experienced educators provide ongoing classroom observation, feedback and formal evaluation to ensure a positive and meaningful experience.