At Breakthrough Philadelphia we have high expectations and a vision for the future. We have created a number of options for individuals, corporations, and the foundations to support us and help make our vision a reality.


We are passionate about the power of education to transform lives and we work daily to support the college going aspirations of students from Philadelphia public schools while also providing hands on teacher training to approximately college students every summer - all for about $2,500.00 per student.


Our students commit to six years of accelerated academics, guidance, and leadership development to realize their dreams of becoming engineers, surgeons, artists, lawyers, teachers and writers.   What are you willing to commit to their future and a better Philadelphia? 



Foundation and Corporate Giving & Sponsorship

Program Support 

Breakthrough of Greater Philadelphia invites you to make a difference in the lives of our college-bound youth this summer by welcoming them into your workplace for a one-day career exploration experience. For questions and more information, Tascha Calmers at

Are You Smarter Than a Breakthrough Student?

This annual fundraiser held every May provides a wonderful opportunity for corporations to enhance their brand through sponsorship, while also participating in a fun evening where teams of adults, with the support of Breakthrough students, test their knowledge in an intensely fun competition of wits – an academic trivia contest – that raises money to support existing Breakthrough of Greater Philadelphia programs and fuel our expansion.  For more information, contact Bruce Bekker at

Educational Improvement Tax Credits

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania offers Educational Improvement Tax Credits (EITC) to businesses that make donations to approved educational improvement organizations. Under EITC, businesses that donate to qualifying non-profits can receive a 75 to 90% credit to offset state tax liabilities.


Individual Giving

Annual Giving

Your donation to Breakthrough of Greater Philadelphia invests in motivated students who face tremendous obstacles on the path to college. Each dollar empowers future leaders and innovators who are setting a new standard in their communities.  Please join us in creating a better future for our region’s children by making your contribution to Breakthrough of Greater Philadelphia today by clicking here.

Corporate Matching

Breakthrough of Greater Philadelphia is happy to receive additional contributions through the Corporate Matching Program of the organizations and companies where people work. Matching gifts can double, and in some cases multiply by five times, the impact of your original support.  To determine whether your company or organization has a matching gift program, check with your Human Resources  department at your company and obtain a matching gift form to complete and include with your gift. If you are making a donation online, indicate that on the donation form and just send the matching gift form to us afterwards.  That’s all you need to do and we’ll take care of the rest.

United Way

You can make a gift to Breakthrough of Greater Philadelphia through the United Way Donor Option program in your workplace.  Our United Way Donor Number is 12575.